• Zaky Sound Track (CD) Subhi Alshaik

Zaky Sound Track (CD) Subhi Alshaik

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Zaky Sound Track (CD)

Subhi Alshaik

CD containing all your favourite songs from Zaky’s films!

CD contains all the songs from these Zaky DVDs: 
Time to Pray with Zaky
Story of Prophet Abraham
Zaky’s Adventures

Includes a 10-page booklet with all song lyrics.
CD running time - 40 minutes

Track List:
Track 01 - That’s What Muhammad Said
Track 02 - My Five Daily Prayers
Track 03 - We Are Muslims
Track 04 - That’s How I Make Wudu
Track 05 - My Green Earth
Track 06 - Caring & Sharing
Track 07 - Never Waste Water
Track 08 - Time To Pray With Zaky
Track 09 - It’s Storytime
Track 10 - Zaky’s Adventures
Track 11 - Shadow Valley
Track 12 - Time To Pray Mix
Track 13 - Zaky’s Adventures Mix

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